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The Republic of Azerbaijan
Supreme Court
History of judicial system
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Plenum of the Supreme Court 30.05.2012
Plenum of the Supreme Court 17.02.2012
Plenum of the Supreme Court 28.10.2011


    Supreme Court
(+99412) 489-07-07
   Division of generalization of judiciary practice and analysis of judicial statistics(+99412) 493-96-76
   Division of international relations(+99412) 496-58-17
   Division of systematization of analytics and legislation(+99412) 498-82-08
    Division on an reception of citizens, registration and consideration of references(+99412) 498-72-69
    Division of an information technology
(+99412) 496-58-04
    Sector of judicial supervisors(+99412) 496-58-09
    Secretariat of Plenum(+99412) 598-36-09
    Financial and general service division (+99412) 496-58-12
    The Press Secretary(+99412) 493-18-37
    Secretariat of Criminal Board(+99412) 493-96-77
    Secretariat of Civil Board(+99412) 493-18-84
    Secretariat of Military Board(+99412) 493-95-11
    Secretariat of Administrative-Economical Board(+99412) 493-74-30
    The AddressYusif Safarov street, 14, quarter 1193, Baku (Postal index АZ 1025)